This Month In Realty – Feb 2022

Melbourne Florida is in a Buyers Market? Let’s ask real estate expert Cathy Greene. In the depths of winter, we find out the February update for Melbourne Florida real estate. Expert REALTOR, Cathy Greene, with Ellingson Properties tells us more!
Should you buy your home before interest rates rise? Ask expert Heather Witte. Should you buy a house in Austin in 2022? Heather Witte tells you the answer for Austin & Georgetown Texas. Interest rates are still low…for now. The early 2022 market is showing a its strength in the Austin / Georgetown area of Texas. Heather Witte, with the Witte Group EXP Realty gives us her update.
Yonge & Eglinton in a buyer’s market??? Here’s Jamie Harnish, local expert to answer! Winter is house buying time. Toronto’s Yonge & Eglinton community has seen a lot of changes in the real estate market! Today’s returning guest is Jamie Harnish who tells us more about the market and how buyers can sellers can get the most out of it.
Is Annapolis in a Buyer’s market? Here’s your real estate update from expert Kimberly Barton! Kimberly Barton, Broker & Owner of Kinetic Realty, brings us the update on the Annapolis market, as well as great information. Kimberly knows her city like no one else.
Reno’s housing market is feeling the pressure. Local expert Kirsten Childers tells us what’s up! Interest rates are changing. Buyers are worried about what to do. Seller’s are looking at the market changing and wondering what to do. REALTOR Kirsten Childers tells us about the updated market in Reno.
Dallas in a Buyer’s Market? Check out the home sales numbers & forecast from Broker Bob McCranie. The latest numbers on the Dallas / Fort Worth Real estate market are in. Find out what’s up and what’s down for February in Dallas & Fort Worth.
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