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I’m so happy Inman News picked up the story from Keeping It Real


for Real Geeks

The uncertainty that comes from market shifts tends to make people freeze up. After all, a real estate transaction is a major financial decision. A seasoned real estate agent knows the right dialogues and conversations to help reassure leads and move them into taking action.

After consulting industry leaders who have been through many market fluctuations themselves, we at Real Geeks have compiled a guide for real estate agents on how to manage market shifts, client objections, surviving a recession, and how to scale your business effectively through it.

Prepare to adopt new strategies

Flexibility and adaptability are key traits of any successful entrepreneur, but especially a real estate professional during turbulent times.

A flexible mindset empowers you to look deeply at what has been working and what has not been producing the right ROI in your business.

Get creative with the resources you already have, such as your website and social media channels. Drive traffic to your site and your business by building out area pages and guides to the markets you serve. To learn more about this strategy check out our Keeping It Real Episode: The Power of SEO and Area Pages With Bob McCranie.

Utilize landing pages and create unlimited home valuation landing pages. Add and create as many communities and add as many home valuation landing pages as you wish. Customize them by adding unique images, text, calls to action, and URL’s for your targeted audience.

In addition to creating your own landing pages, you can utilize a home valuation widget like The Real Geeks’ Home Valuation Tool, which is embedded in every property and market report page to entice site users to evaluate what their home is worth. When they complete the form, this notifies the assigned agent to reach out to the lead. Users submit their addresses to find out what their home is worth, creating a lead for you in the process. If the user abandons the process before completing the sign-up, the address is still captured as an address-only lead.

As times change, you also need to adapt and learn how to generate seller leads even in low inventory areas. Check out Bob’s website at

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