My Favorite ChatGPT Prompts for SEO – Practical Ecommerce

Success on ChatGPT depends on the prompt. What follows are 29 favorite prompts for search engine optimization. Consider these as ideas to test and refine for your own circumstance.

And for any prompt, remember a few tips:

  • ChatGPT can now process longer texts. Paste your entire SEO-focused article into the prompt and include additional details, such as the target audience, desired style, and format.
  • ChatGPT cannot search or retrieve files from the web.
  • For better output, ask ChatGPT if a prompt is missing essential details
  • Request the output in a particular format, such as a table, which I prefer
  • Click the “Regenerate response” button if you don’t like an answer.
  • Use the tool for inspiration. I rarely accept its complete response, instead adding keywords, rearranging outlines, and so on.
  • Always verify ChatGPT’s technical responses. Use code and schema validators, for example.
  • Already, quite a few browser extensions help with ChatGPT SEO prompts.

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