Google Showing Fewer Local Pack Results In Web Search

Local SEO professionals have raised concerns over the apparent decrease in local packs displayed in Google’s search results interface. Over the past few days, experts and their clients have noticed a trend of fewer local packs appearing for various queries, prompting discussions within the SEO community.

Joy Hawkins, a well-known figure in the industry, recently highlighted this issue on the Local Search Forums. She shared her observations regarding the diminishing presence of local packs in search results for terms related to personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia. Hawkins noted that over the past 90 days, many significant terms were inconsistently returning local packs, with fewer 3-packs being displayed compared to previous periods.

This change has caught the attention of local SEO professionals, as local packs play a vital role in showcasing relevant local businesses and providing users with convenient access to information such as contact details, ratings, and reviews. The reduced visibility of local packs has raised concerns about the impact on local businesses’ online visibility and potential customer engagement.

While the decrease in local packs varies depending on the day and location of the search, the overall trend has caused speculation among SEO experts. The shift in Google’s search results could have implications for businesses relying on local visibility, particularly those in competitive industries such as personal injury law.

Hawkins and other SEO professionals have emphasized the importance of monitoring these changes and understanding how they affect local search rankings and user behavior. Analyzing specific queries, such as the example provided for “Philadelphia car accident lawyer,” can help identify patterns and potential adjustments to SEO strategies.

As with any algorithmic changes, it is essential for businesses and SEO practitioners to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. Although the reasons behind the decrease in local packs remain unclear, tracking these developments and engaging in discussions within the SEO community can provide valuable insights for navigating the evolving search landscape.

It use to show a local pack, here is the before screenshot:

click for full size

As of late last week, it no longer shows for this query:

click for full size


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