New Agents

As a new agent starting out in the real estate profession, there are certain things you MUST master. This page is dedicated to YOU! We want you to succeed. 87% of agents wash out of this industry within 5 years. We want you to be in the 13% that make it.

Note – Some of the content on these pages is open to the public, other elements are strictly for Tom Ferry clients and that will be noted. If you want to sign up for coaching and see all the great training and content that’s available, follow this link.

The Playbook with Head Coach Tom Ferry & Industry Leaders

Burnout and frustration run rampant in our industry. And for some, it becomes too much and they quit. You might’ve considered it yourself, so let’s talk about how to map out your journey for long-term sustainability. Join Tom for the next “Playbook” webinar on April 3, “The Real Estate Marathon: Mapping Out Your Journey to…

Why does anyone need business coaching?

Business coaching has changed the arch of my career and my life. We’ve doubled my company 3 times. I’m proud to be a member of the Tom Ferry coaching system and I’m happy to talk to you 1 on 1 to see if coaching would be helpful for your business.

Google Business Profile – Are you using it right?

Google Business Profile is a powerful tool for your business. Every month we’re discovering new ways to use GBP to our best advantage. Google Business Profile is a ranking factor for SEO and The Google Local Service Pack search options. Why would you want to use this product to the fullest. Find out more in…

How Tom Ferry Coaching Changed my Company – A Real Life story

I wanted to be honest and upfront with my story about how Tom Ferry Coaching has changed my life. I made one mistake in this video…the first event I went to was in 2015, not 2016 but that’s not as important as realizing that we’ve doubled my company 3 times. I was able to visualize…

A Firm Foundation

Learn from Tom Ferry Coaches and Rockstar Agents about how to establish the unshakable foundation that you need to be a successful agent. All of these topics and more are covered in Tom Ferry coaching. Sign up today to learn how coaching can change your future.


Coach Bob McCranie – Welcome to my site Welcome to my coaching channel. I’m so proud to be a Business Coach with Tom Ferry. My goal with this site is to curate the great content that Tom Ferry’s organization and others put out. Some of the content is available publicly. Other pieces will require you…

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